Modern Car Parking Shades in Kenya

Affordable Car Parking Shades and Car Park Shades Structures for both Residential homes and Commercial spaces in Kenya. At Baraka Shades and Canopies, we specialize in the Design, Fabrication, Installation, and Maintenance services of various Carport Shades for a range of applications such as Office Parking Lot Shade, Car Wash Shades in Kenya, and Car Park Canopies Shade structures that help protect your Vehicle from Hot Sun, Heavy Rainfall and Harmful UV Rays.
We Provide Car park shades in both 100% waterproof car parking shade material and 90% waterproof carport shades Net in a variety of car shade designs that provides vehicle protection in all-weather condition. Our team has a vast range of experience in the supply and installation of superior quality modern car parking shade made from the best material and fabric in a variety of colors to choose from, offering both strength and durability. We create parking shades that suit the appearance and style of your home, office parking, or commercial parking space such as car wash shades in Kenya that help protect employees, clients cars at your business.
Covering your Cars is now easier and more elegant than ever! thanks to our High-Quality and innovative Car Shade Canopies solutions that are not only cost-effective, they are also built with superior quality shade sail material offering maximum Protection to your vehicles in all-weather conditions and protect against bird’s droppings. Find out More about Our Car Park Shades prices.

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Car Shade Material:

When it comes selecting your car parking shade we have a variety of  car parking shade fabrics option to choose from that help maintain the sparkling shine and protect your car.

PVC Car Parking Shade Fabric

PVC as its commonly known a stand for (Polyvinylchloride), which is a special fabric made by weaving fibers. PVC Parking shed are the most durable type of car parking shed despite being light in weight, PVC Car Parking Shades provide great heat insulation, UV Ray resistant and offer 100% waterproof and very durable with a life span of 20 – 25 years.
These materials have a vast spectrum of applications from canopies shades to parking lots, marketplaces and carwash spaces.

HDPE Car Parking Shade Fabric

HDPE acronym for (High-Density Polyethylene) is a car parking shade fabric is a quality and heavy duty knitted fabric that are specially designed for the use of car parking shade area, tensile structures sail shades and offers resistance from UV exposure.
HDPE car parking shade fabric come in both waterproof and non-waterproof material, this type of car parking fabric is the most cost effective compared to the other form of car parking cover fabric and offers excellent shading solution for your vehicle.

Advantages of car parking shades

A car park shade is a perfect solution to keep your car cool in a hot weather as well as offer protection from sunburn, rain, wind and harmful UV rays which cause damages to both the exterior and interior of your vehicle.

Reduces the cracking of wind screen

Block the sun’s damaging UV ray’s

Reduce Heat in the Car that damages car seats

An alternative of traditional garage

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